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National e-Invoice System (KSeF) in LoMag. E-invoice software.

The LoMag program has built-in KSeF support in the invoice module. It allows you to quickly issue invoices in a traditional way and then send multiple invoices to the KSeF system with one button. Thanks to this, we can conveniently work with the KSeF system in one place without additional integration modules. Invoices are sent to the KSeF system in the background, without interrupting work with the LoMag system or waiting for government servers. After the invoices are accepted (or rejected) by the KSeF servers, the program will display an appropriate notification at the bottom of the window:

Program Magazynowy

Thanks to full integration, we can intuitively issue all types of invoices quickly from LoMag, including advance invoices, final invoices, invoices in foreign currencies, invoices with various VAT rates and VAT-exempt invoices.