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The purchase procedure

To buy the LoMag licence, you need to fill in the form with your data needed for a VAT invoice and inforamtion about the amount of computers on which you wish the program to operate. After the payment is received, an activation key is generated. The activation key is a unique string of signs ascribed to the buyer. To activate the full version of the program simply enter the activation key when launching the DEMO version.


Frequently asked questions by the buyers of the program:

How long may I use the program after I buy the licence?

The licence for the warehouse management program is without a time limit. The buyer who purchased the licence may use the software in their business activity as long as they like.

Can I download updates for free?

After the purchase, the buyer may update the software free of charge for the period of 12 months. After 12 months have passed they can keep the last version they downloaded or buy the possibility to download updates for another 12 months for prices quoted in updates price list.

Am I going to lose the data entered into the DEMO version after I enter the activation key?

NO. The activation key does not remove any data.

What is the difference between the DEMO version and the full version?

There are no differences in the functionalities of both of the versions. The DEMO version is time-limited and stops working after you have run it 30 times.

Does the program have any limitations, e.g. the number of warehouses, items?

NO. The program may support any number of warehouses, items, accounts, documents. The program has been tested on thousands of elements. Only the size of the Microsoft SQL Express database, i.e. 10GB, limits the amount of data. In practise this stands for many MILLIONS OF ENTRIES. There is also a possibility of buying a more advanced version of Microsoft SQL Server: Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise, which does not have limits as regards the size of the database.

When will I get the activation key and in what form?

The activation key is usually sent to an e-mail address of the buyer after the payment comes through. When paying for the program via bank transfer, it is best to give your e-mail address in the transfer name field. We can also send you the activation key via SMS.

Is it possible to receive a VAT invoice with deferred payment?

YES. Please make a note of it in the remarks to the order. After receiving an order we send the original and a copy of the invoice to the Buyer via traditional mail. After we receive a signed copy of the invoice, we send the activation key to the full version of the program.

Can I transfer the program and the activation key onto another computer?

YES. The activation key is ascribed to the database. You must install the demo version on the new computer and then restore the database.

What if the key is lost, e.g., as a result of a computer breakdown?

You can retrieve your activation key from the program manufacturer. A request must be sent from the e-mail address to which the key was sent, together with the name of the company for which it was generated.

Can I resell LoMag or give my key to someone else?

NO. The activation key is SECRET ascribed to the Buyer and dedicated only to the Buyer. The distribution of the key or making the key accessible to third parties is severely prohibited.