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Licence Agreement

concluded by and between :

LONGINT – IT company, Paweł Pelc with its registered headquarters in Wrocław, ul. Wykładowa 17 A, hereinafter the Software Manufacturer


The Buyer of LoMag Software - natural or legal person or organisational unit with no legal personality, which has installed LoMag - hereinafter the Buyer.


Subject of agreement

1. The subject of agreement is a licence for the use of software called LoMag granted to the Buyer by the Software Manufacturer and a determination of the terms of use.

2. Upon acceding to the agreement the Buyer accepts the content of the licence


Types licence

The program bay be used basing on the following types of Licence:

a) DEMO licence - it is a fully functional version of the program, which may be installed and tested on any number of computers. This version is time-limited and it stops working after 30 runs.

b) FULL licence - a version of the program in which an activation key was introduced. The activation key is a unique sequence of signs generated for the Buyer and dedicated only to the Buyer.


Term of licence

1. FULL licence is given for an unlimited period of time.

2. DEMO licence expires after 30 runs.


New versions of the Program

The Buyer has the right to download and use the new versions of the Program, to which the licence pertains, for the period of 12 months from the date of the conclusion of the agreement. New versions will be published on After the expiration of 12 months, the Buyer may keep the version they are using at the moment or buy the right to updates for the next 12 months.


Operation on many computers

The Buyer may use the Program simultaneously on several computers connected by an internal or external network, their number depending on a number of computers for which the licence has been purchased. The Program checks the number of simultaneuosly active computers connected with a network and warns if the number of available computers has been exceeded.


Prohibited actions

1. The Buyer is prohibited from:

- Distribution of the key or making the key accessible,

- copying the Program both free of charge and for payment,

- lending, letting, leasing, re-selling, transfer of ownership of the Program to third persons,

- distribution and making the program available in any form without a written consent of the Software Manufacturer,

- disassembling, decompilation or any other multiplication of the Program's code without a written consent of the Software Manufacturer.

2.The Software Manufacturer is prohibited from making the activation key available to third persons



LoMag is protected by the copyright and neighbouring rights regulations in force, as are all its components. The Software Manufacturer is entitled to all legal titles and copyrights regarding LoMag (including the rights to the program, all graphic marks, trade marks, logos, images, photographs, audiovisual compositions, texts as well as the attached printed materials).

§ 8

Limited liability for damage

1. The Software Manufacturer is not liable to the Buyer for the usability of the Program for the Buyer's individual purposes; it lies within the Buyer's interest to familiarise themselves with the possibilities offered by the Program in the demo version.

2. The Software Manufacturer is not liable for any damages indirect and/or direct connected with using the Program Package or connected with the impossibility to use it. Any possible claims of the Buyer shall be limited to the amount paid for the purchased Program Package.

3. Due to the edition cycle, the Instructions may bear some inaccuracies or may not include the newest changes in the software. The content of the Instructions or the documentation cannot be the basis of any claims against the Software Manufacturer.

§ 9

Resolution of disputes arising from the contract

1. We not accept returns of the license keys as they are assigned to the customer indicated in the order.

2. The parties shall attempt to amicably resolve any disputes arising out of this contract.

3.  In case amicable resolution is not possible, the disputes shall be resolved by a court with jurisdiction over the place of the Software Manufacturer's business activity.

4. The Software Manufacturer undertakes to keep the Client's data secret. Provided that the Client has not restricted this in writing, the Manufacturer may publish the name of the company and its headquarters on the LoMag client reference list.

§ 10

In any matters not governed herein, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the copyright and neighbouring rights regulations shall apply.

These general terms and conditions are applicable since 1 January 2018.