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Basic technical support

Basic technical support is available free of charge for all clients who have the latest version of the software (12 months from the purchase of the software or the update). Support is available through e-mail and directly from the level of LoMag, in which a special function has been added, which notifies the authors of the program in case a problem occurs during the operation of the software. Support is usually provided within several hours on working days, in some cases the time might be prolonged up to 2 working days. Technical support includes the following aspects:

  • Information on hardware and software requirements as well as network operation.
  • Information on technical configuration of the program and the database
  • Program functionality scope, adjustment of settings to the specificity of the user's activity.
  • Recovery of the activation key to the program in case it gets lost or does not work.
  • Notifications and errors reported by the program.

Basic technical support does not include:

  • Remote desktop.
  • Training in program operation.
  • Client database analysis.
  • Issues elaborated on in detail in LoMag Instructions and the frequently asked questions on the site

Please prepare the following information to help us provide you with efficient support:

  • The currently installed version of LoMag - please check in Help" / "About LoMag".
  • The operating system on which LoMag is installed (e.g. Windows 7 64-bit Version). To check select "properties" on "My computer" icon.
  • Detailed description and screen capture. To make the screen capture please click "Prt Scr" in LoMag and paste it to your e-mail (ctrl+V) or press (ctrl+V) in a Word document and add your description.