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Effectiveness, stability and reliability

LoMag warehouse management program employs the newest Microsoft technology and draws upon the many years of experience of software developers in creating dedicated applications for Windows. Net Framework libraries, on which the application is founded, feature modern infrastructure accessible for applications employing network technologies.

Full employment of Microsoft technology is further motivated by the position of Microsoft on the market. Over 80% of PC users in the world use Microsoft Windows operating system. Our application has been entirely designed, implemented and tested with the use of the newest Microsoft technologies and thanks to that it functions ideally on the latest Microsoft Windows systems.

The software has been equipped with modern access to databases - Microsoft SQL Server Express. It is one of the best and latest technologies in which stability and failure-resistance have been prioritised. The system's best features allow you to have quick and reliable access to your data from many computers.

Microsoft SQL Server Express data access technology is a simplified version of the professional Microsoft SQL Server database system. which has immense potential and is mainly targeted at corporate clients. The Express version is perfectly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, as the size of the database is limited to 10GB, memory size to 1 GB RAM and 1 processor. The warehouse management program fully supports also full versions of the server: MS SQL Standard and MS SQL Enterprise.

The open database enables easy data processing in other programs and solutions employing Microsoft technology. The data saved by the user may be processed without hindrance by programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and many others. Access to the LoMag database can be realized using a layer of procedures and views in the database as well as using the webservice API based on Windows Internet Information Services.

Document printouts and labels may de designed in a special graphical editor. It is very easy to use and does not require IT knowledge to create unique designs for documents. You can drag the fields you need with a mouse, you may add photographs, rectangles, lines, texts and fields from databases. Most data may be automatically presented on the document as barcode. You may adjust alignment, wrapping, colours and font sizes.