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Update to latest version

If you are working on an older version of the program, you can update it by downloading and launching the file below. The first run will automatically update the structures in the database. Make a copy of the database to an external hard-drive, e.g.,a USB, before you start your update.

ATTENTION: You may download upgrades free of charge for 12 months from the date of purchase.



A history of changes introduced in new versions

Version 5.0.4

  • Support for NOVITUS fiscal printers.
  • Support for ELZAB fiscal printers.
  • Importing invoices from XML files.
  • Corrections and improvements to S/N numbers, SQL 2016 support

Version 4.9.7

  • Improvements to price lists: support for many warehouses, importing price list for accounts.
  • Group change of location on GRN documents.
  • Design and print labels for warehouse locations.

Version 4.9.2

  • Purchase invoices and corrections of purchase invoices. GRN documents can be generated from purchase invoices, editing links between purchase invoices and GRN documents.
  • New type of dedicated column: "Attachment (from file)" for warehouse documents. This column allows you to save disk files directly in the SQL database and open from other computers.
  • Improvements in sending emails with documents - the ability to add your own logo in the body of the message and additional recipients CC, Bcc.

Version 4.8.7

  • Support for item's price lists in many currencies, net / gross amounts and assigning them to accounts.
  • Optional calculations of rental costs and new reports in the rental module.
  • Import of multiple invoices from an Excel file.
  • Export of invoices to the EDI XML format.

Version 4.8.2

  • Support for warehouse locations in item's libraries.
  • Optional saving of settings for each table in each warehouse separately for each user.

Version 4.7.9

  • New option in the settings: Optimize LoMag to work with large data sets (recommended when the number of items in the warehouse is over 20 000)
  • Automatic creation of new items from the GRN documents
  • Support for the net and gross sales price from the GIN document
  • Designing your own templates for physical inventory

Version 4.6.7

  • The ability to design color labels in the Label designer and color documents in the Templates editor. For text, database fields, tables, and other items, you can personalize colors or shades of gray.
  • New report: Profit from sales for invoices
  • Defining your own document types based on advance invoices and final invoices.
  • Printout "Physical inventory" in the "Documents / Inventory" based on the current stock.

Version 4.6

  • Defining your own document types based on existing documents with a different numbering, different print template, VAT rate, and separate document management. For example, we can create a new type "Invoice EU" with a default VAT rate of 0%, different printing layout and separate numbering.
  • Support of credit limit for customers. Checking and warning when exceeding the limit of unpaid invoices.
  • Improved export to Excel XLS files, export data to CSV files
  • Support of low qty threshold on MM documents

Version 4.5.5

  • Support for multiple company accounts in Settings / Company. Lets you define branch offices and different bank accounts for currencies.
  • Ability to rotate elements in the label editor by 90,180,270 degrees for barcodes, text fields, fields, images, dates.
  • Dedicated columns for Assembly documents. List of missing items from the library on Assembly documents.

Version 4.5

  • Defining Alarms for multiple columns in tables. Provides the ability to warn the background color of a given row when certain conditions are met in multiple columns at the same time.
  • The ability to design prints containing serial numbers of goods with columns dedicated to warehouse documents.
  • Optional inventory control when ordering from customers. Blocking order creation when the total order quantity exceeds the current status.

Version 4.4.5

  • Removing duplicated accounts - possibility to merge several accounts into one entry.
  • Removing duplicated items - possibility to merge several items into one item.

Version 4.4.5

  • Dedicated columns for elements of warehouse movements, Libraries of items and elements of Libraries
  • New type of a dedicated column: Calculated column defined by pattern, e.g. quantity of items in stock - minimum stock.
  • Possibility to import multiple documents simultaneously from Excel files.
  • VAT payer's data and optional delivery address in the account's file.
  • Invoice printing template with the payer and the recipient.

Version 4.3

  • Extension of product libraries with prices, and a possibility to copy libraries.
  • Mechanism to remove inventory movements and creation of the OB document based on stock levels.
  • Handling of advance and final invoices in foreign currencies.

Version 4.2

  • Option of using many products in the assembly process.
  • Printing multiple documents to PDF files.
  • Support for the prices in item's libraries.

Version 4.1

  • Columns dedicated to warehouses e.g. warehouse address, which can be placed on documents.
  • Blocking old documents after the settlement period or a fixed amount of days has elapsed.
  • Automatic refresh of search data when working on many computers.
  • Group change of data for many items e.g. adding one photo to many items.

Version 4.0.6

  • Wizard for dedicated reports which enables the visual generation of new reports basing on fields from the database.
  • Adding typical actions to the context menu in the tables e.g. for marked items -> create document.
  • Creating dedicated columns for LoMag users and an option of adding fields on the documents e.g. e-mail address of the person who prepared the offer

Version 4.0

  • Support of POSNET fiscal printers
  • Option of fast printing of receipts which creates automatically related GIN documents.
  • New types of dedicated columns: Drop-down field with an option of defining a dictionary of values, Reference to the item, Reference to the account

Version 3.8.5

  • Support of printout of two-dimensional QR codes on labels and documents.
  • Update of account data download from the GUS database.

Version 3.8

  • Prepayment and final invoices (in the invoice module).
  • Editor with an option of designing the appearance of the report printouts.
  • Creating new documents through copying the existing documents (warehouse and commercial).
  • Automatic download of exchange rates from the Polish National Bank.

Version 3.7.4

  • Generating an SCF (Single Control File ) in the Settings/General menu.
  • Transferring items between warehouses just based on serial numbers (for unique S/N).
  • A mechanism recognising automatically skipped numbers of invoices and a report of the skipped document numbers.
  • Printout of empty inventory sheets and an option of editing their appearance in the template editor.

Version 3.7

  • Support of proof of payment documents (KP), payment settlements, automatic changes of invoice statuses.
  • New type of document Receipt in invoice module.
  • Option of defining own headers and footers in document template editor
  • Automatic logout from application after a set time of inaction.

Version 3.6.5

  • Support of currency on orders and offers.
  • Detailed logs of user activity and detailed reports of who and when added, edited and removed data.
  • Streamlined wizard of item import with an option of simultaneous import to various warehouses and support of serial numbers of items.
  • Import of documents from another warehouse or another database for offers, orders to supplier, orders from customer.
  • New mechanism of downloading account data from GUS database (Tax Identification Number is enough, without the code from the image)

Version 3.6

  • VAT invoices in foreign currencies. Support of standard currencies: EUR, USD, GBP and and option of adding your own currencies. Tables with currency exchange rates and an option of editing and recalculating the value of invoices.
  • The possibility of selecting a currency in which the VAT on the invoice will be calculated. Printouts and recaps of tax settled in a different currency.
  • A wizard for orders from suppliers supporting simple logistic processes connected with demand planning:
  • (1) Totalling of the quantity of orders from customers for individual items.
  • (2) Totalling with the inclusion of current stock levels and calculation of outstanding quantities for full implementation of orders.
  • (3) Totalling with the inclusion of current stock level and minimal stock level - quantities calculated in a way ensuring that the order is implemented and minimal levels are maintained.

Version 3.5

  • Russian language version of LoMag inventory management: interface and all printouts in Russian.
  • Data import supports new formats XLSX, CSV, TXT.
  • Option of using serial numbers in the assembly process.
  • New reports: items inactive at the warehouse for over X days, change of warehouse value broken down into documents.

Version 3.4

  • Wizard allowing group changes of the following item attributes: unit, group, VAT rate, supplier, suggested pricing, margins, minimum and maximum stock levels, archive, product, useful life and minimal selling price.
  • Automatic downolad of account name and address basing on the Tax Identification Number from the GUS page
  • Blocking the editing of the same document by many people when working on several comupters and a list of currently blocked documents
  • New document generators CO -> Internal GIN, SO -> GRN, PRO -> GIN, CO -> FV, CO -> PRO, SO -> CO, GRN -> GIN, CO -> GRN, FV -> GIN
  • “Copy item function in the item list
  • Generator of orders from suppliers and support of default item supplier
  • Report on interrelations between invoices and GIN documents

Version 3.3

  • The opening balance making it possible to redefine the stock level, prices and locations independent of historical inventory movements.
  • Tab bar facilitating navigation through open windows, the F5 shortcut refreshing the content of tables.
  • The possibility to design and print labels containing the following information: warehouse locations, serial numbers, expiration dates, production lot numbers, suppliers and document numbers.
  • Foreign currencies support in GRN (Good Received Note), defining and converting currency rates.
  • The possibility of defining document numbering without the leading zeros, e.g. GRN 1/2015 (pattern: GRN $/yyyy).
  • New options in the search window: a "deliveries" tab illustrating the stock levels broken down into income documents and warehouse locations and the "serial numbers" tab.
  • Modification of the mechanism for the creation of GRN and GIN: First, we select the source document, which is going to be adjusted, and then a link between the documents is created.
  • Order processing control: automatic order statuses: partial execution, full execution, "to be executed" column in orders and GIN, a message concerning the exceeded quantity from the order in the GIN.
  • The possibility of importing pictures when importing an item - one must add a column with file paths.

Version 3.2

  • Minimum selling price support - it is possible to hide the purchase price and set a limit of price reduction by sales representatives.
  • New permissions: table printing, export to XLS, visibility of purchase price in sales documents, changing document number
  • Support for two options of serial number uniqueness: unique in the entire warehouse or unique for the given item.
  • Defining of the dedicated columns for the accounts and their import from Excel.

Version 3.1

  • Advanced settings for network operations.
  • Possibility of defining dedicated columns for warehouse documents.
  • New report about relations between goods received and issued.
  • Sales by individual VAT rates report.

Version 3.0

  • Additional module enabling the issue of the following documents: VAT Invoice, Invoice correction, Proforma invoice, (this module is optional and available for purchase).
  • Addtional module enabling the issuance of the following documents: Offer, Order from Customer, Order to Supplier (this module is optional and available for separate purchase).
  • ATTENTION: In order to have a free trial of the new modules you should install the demo version on your computer without LoMag.
  • Support of VAT rates for items. Option of conducting the warehouse in net or gross prices.
  • A module optimising the functioning speed of large databases (in the Help/Optimisation menu).

Version 2.8

  • Possibility of importing the items with warehouse locations from Excel files onto documents
  • Authorizations that limit the visibility of prices for selected users.
  • Default length of expiry period for items and automatic calculation of expiry date on documents based on period.
  • Possibility of adding summaries of the quantity for different units onto document.

Version 2.7

  • Possibility of working with the program in English. The default language of the interface may be defined for each user of the program.
  • New printout templates in English
  • Possibility of transfers between warehouse locations within the same warehouse using interbranch transfer documents
  • "Serial numbers on stock" report
  • "Expiry date of item" report

Version 2.6

  • Assembly (simple production module) which makes it possible to create products basing on raw materials. It is possible to add raw materials one by one or as a whole list defined as "library".
  • "Time spent on assembly" report which enables you to analyse the production time for individual products and employees
  • Warehouse locations. Allows to establish the location of the GRN document and then to choose from which location will the item be issued with a GIN. The same item may be stored in different locations and one location may store various items

Version 2.5

  • Inventory wizard which allows for a fast generation on an inventory basing on inventory sheets, current stock levels, data from Excel or a collector
  • Possibility of automatically sending PDF documents to the client's e-mail
  • Streamlined methods of entering serial numbers via imports from Excel and the collector
  • Detailed serial numbers report, S/N printouts on the documents
  • Automatic generation of EAN codes
  • Import of items to many warehouses
  • Support of wireless barcode readers

Version 2.4

  • Support of serial numbers for items (unique numbers ascribed to each item). Following item transfers with the use of serial numbers.
  • Possibility of choosing a receipt, from which the item will be issued with a GIN
  • Support of lot numbers and expiry dates
  • New options of finding and filtering data in tables
  • Printouts summing up quantities for the same products on documents

Version 2.3

  • Template editor allowing you to design your own printouts for each type of the document. Possibility of putting barcodes in each line of the document, as well as a thumbnail of the item, your own logo and other data
  • "Item turnover" report for any given period, account or group of items
  • Printing labels directly from the level of the warehouse documents with the possibility of choosing the same number of the labels as on the document.
  • Possibility of turning on automatic generation of barcodes when adding items
  • Streamlined accounts search mechanism

Version 2.2

  • Label designer enabling you to design your own labels for various types of printers and paper sizes. Possibility of printing on divided paper (e.g. 2x5 self-adhesive labels on A4 sheet)
  • Facilitated work with barcode reader
  • Support of discounts on GIN documents
  • Possibility of defining cost groups and ascribing a given cost group to all documents
  • Function allowing to define a mode of transport and to put the chosen mode of transport on the GIN printout
  • Import of documents from Excel files

Version 2.1

  • Automatic backup of the database with configuration in settings
  • Generation of documents through copying the content of another document
  • Printing labels on barcode printers
  • Account balance report (number and value of items for a chosen account at a given time)

Version 2.0

  • Support of Agrox, Cipherlab data collectors
  • New graphic design
  • New configurable reports
  • Instructions and frequently asked questions

Version 1.10

  • Import of data from Excel
  • Support of packaging ascribed to an item
  • Item libraries - i.e. templates for quick preparation of documents basing on a previously defined list of items and quantities
  • User authorisation to individual warehouses
  • Analysis of the history of changes of stock levels and warehouse value for individual items from the document level.

Version 1.9

  • Users and log in
  • Authorisations and possibility to configure user roles
  • New type of accounts: "employees" to be used on Internal Receipt Notes and Internal Issue Notes.
  • Interbranch transfers basing on the location of the item
  • Detailed report on interbranch transfers
  • Quantity listings of items for chosen types of documents
  • Possibility to export all listings in the program to Excel

Version 1.8.8

  • Mechanism for modifying the layout of GRN and GIN reports, etc.
  • Saving the layout of reports
  • Possibility of introducing additional columns
  • Printing of any data currently on display
  • Mechanism for notifying the producer about errors
  • Error which occurred when special characters were used in the names fixed.

Version 1.8

  • Reconstruction of the program's engine in view of increasing the calculation speed for large amounts of data.
  • Grouping of inventory sheets by the creation of inventories
  • Introduction of the possibility to present the name of the company on each report
  • Adding "Profit from sales" function in the Results window
  • Low Qty Threshold, report on stock levels in all warehouses
  • Securing against the removal of GRNs, from which goods were issued partially

Version 1.7

  • Introduction of LIFO and FIFO models to the program
  • Introduction of Internal GRN and Internal GIN documents
  • Improvement of the look of the reports
  • Introduction of default margin and price from the item list

Version 1.6

  • Enabling operation in a network
  • Introduction of the possibility of adjusting the precision of rounding the displayed prices and values
  • New window of item history added
  • Possibility of printing item list added
  • The printouts of the stock levels also include barcodes of the items

Version 1.5

  • Introduction of a possibility of storing and browsing through account data
  • Document browsing option developed
  • Several functions streamlining the process of entering the items onto documents were added
  • Warehouse support modernised
  • Suggested prices for items added

Version 1.4

  • Introduction of automatic document numbering
  • Possibility of item grouping added
  • Interbranch transfer document added
  • Item and document search window added
  • Division into summary reports and detailed reports
  • Using barcode reader to find an item in the warehouse made possible